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As a leader in your organization, all too often you can find yourself stuck, and in need of a breakthrough solution.  You need outside eyes, and sometimes specialized expertise in order to reach the next level. We’ve been in your shoes!

In certain circumstances, you seem to run out of road, but still desperately want to solve a problem. Others are depending on you for guidance and it can be overwhelming. It’s a scary thought, but if you don’t get help, you may never overcome the obstacle, complete the project, or meet the deadline - and that would leave you feeling frustrated and overwhelmed.  You’ll keep struggling, and never encounter new opportunities or reach your potential. You wont grow, or worse, maybe the organization will suffer.


If you’re going to be successful as a leader in sport, you need to have a plan.  That plan must be clear, concise, and easy to follow – so that it takes away the guesswork and reactivity from your role.   You need to be decisive and confident.  Clear on your vision and the steps it will take to achieve your goals.

That’s where we come in.  Over the years, we’ve been involved with a great many events and organizations, and have helped them to create a clear vision, get focused, be accountable, and prioritize effectively through building their unique blueprint for success.

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As a busy person in a leadership role, we know that you understand that knowledge is power.  Lifelong learning is essential for those who are on the path to greatness.  We know how much you want to learn new skills and become more effective and efficient in your role – and to produce greater results.

Having had the opportunity to work in various areas of the sector, we know how fast paced an environment it can be.  Things are ever-changing, and sometimes you wish that there was a step by step manual you could follow, and be confident that you’ll get results.  That’s why we started to create online courses.


Sport leaders are passionate, and eager to make an impact.  However, we know how overwhelming it can be in the driver’s seat as an Executive Director, CEO, General Manager, or other senior management position.  You have a whole team looking to you for direction, a board to answer to, a million and one projects needing your attention, and only about half of the resources you think you’re going to need in order to be successful.  Your email inbox is always full, and your phone won’t stop ringing.  We know exactly how that feels, and we want to do everything we can to help set you up for success.  That’s why we started to offer executive coaching services. We want to help simplify your life, and the best way for us to do that is to share our experience and help you to create a plan, like we have done for so many over the years.

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